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Our faculty of professional performers and industry experts are constantly expanding and evolving to include the leading talent from theatre, West End, world-class Dance companies, TV and film. Resident and guest teachers provide dynamic, high energy and inspiring classes, with students being pushed to the very best of their potential, whilst developing their passion for the Performing Arts. Our academic staff and pastoral team are highly trained and experienced in further education settings. Our full time staff and recent guest teachers can be seen below -

BTEC level 3 performing arts


I can not recommend ASA enough. I’m so grateful that my daughter gets to train at this truly amazing school. Honestly, she’s made the best friends there that have helped spur her on. Everyone is so encouraging. It’s just one big family. The opportunities she’s given are amazing and the teaching staff are fantastic. I’m so excited to see what year 2 brings. Best decision ever joining ASA.


ASA has helped me find who I am as a performer and has pushed me to become the best version of myself. All the staff are friendly, supportive and honest to their pupils, both in and outside of lessons are are always going above and beyond to make sure you’re doing well. To anyone wishing to go into the performing industry, and gain more confidence in themselves, I would highly recommend ASA to you I have lots to thank them for!

professional btec

professional btec

professional btec

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