ASA Theatre Arts provide revolutionary training in Dance, balancing rigorous technique principles across all Dance disciplines, while promoting creativity and artistic identity for performers at the start of their professional training.


​Our vocational training will launch students towards a successful career in Dance and the Performing Arts, whether that be as a West End performer, Cabaret or cruise entertainer or teacher. We are proud to offer leading UCAS recognised qualifications alongside specialised, technical training.


The ASA Theatre Arts College runs over 4 intense days per week, and you will be taught by industry professionals every single day.


Our career-focused approach means you will gain a BTEC Level 3 in Dance (UCAS POINTS EQUIVALENT TO 3 A-LEVELS), whilst taking intensive classes across all disciplines, practising for auditions, and preparing both mentally and physically for one of the most challenging, yet rewarding of careers.


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Our program of excellence boasts a high number of contact hours per week, taught solely by industry performers from West End, Theatre, Dance Companies, TV, Film and Cabaret.


Classes are individually tailored to the strengths of each student, giving a personalised training program of modules. Due to the nature of smaller year groups, every student is nurtured, supported, challenged and important. 

Students perform extensively over the two years, working in a professional rehearsal environment, with a wide variety of directors and choreographers. Performances may include a showcases, studio performances, events such a Move It & Can You Dance?, community theatre project, solo dance performances, with each year culminating in a public, full-scale Dance production show. A standard of excellence, positive working environment and supportive peer group is promoted both in the classroom and performance setting.

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ASA Theatre Arts provides industry-driven training, whilst streamlining the BTEC qualification cleverly through the course. The new BTEC Nationals promote a practically based learning environment over 13 units, whilst ensuring theoretical excellence, relevant to the Performing Arts sector. The mandatory and optional content provides a balance of breadth and depth, while retaining a degree of choice for individual learners to study content relevant to their own interests and progression choices. The proportion of mandatory content ensures that all learners are following a coherent programme of study and acquiring the knowledge, understanding and skills that will be recognised and valued within the industry today.


Through learners performing vocational tasks, the development of appropriate vocational behaviours and transferable skills are encouraged. Transferable skills are those such as communication, teamwork, research and analysis, which are valued in both higher education and the workplace. Our approach provides rigour and balance, and promotes the ability to apply learning immediately over a wide range of contexts. 


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During each year, classes include -

  • Industry Masterclasses

  • Ballet

  • Tap Dance

  • Jazz Dance

  • Musical Theatre

  • Acting

  • Group Singing Repertoire Class

  • Ensemble Singing 

  • Fitness & Body Conditioning

  • Limbering

  • Monologue Preparation

  • Pilates

  • Commercial

  • Physical Theatre

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Cruise & Cabaret

  • Showgirl Training

  • Latin & Ballroom

  • Industry Q&A's

  • Tutorial (National Curriculum)

  • Wellness (Mindfulness, Meditation etc)

  • Academic Lessons (History, Anatomy, Journalling, BTEC Coursework etc)

Timetables change weekly to accommodate BTEC curriculum, unit requirements, project work & show rehearsals, depending on the current scheme of work and unit objectives. A breakdown of all units included within the course can be found below:

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BA(HONS), PGCE, SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) in Drama,

VLUK Teacher of the Year, and a TES Shortlisted Drama Teacher of the Year.

ASA Theatre Arts are proud to be partnered with Stagedoor Learning, a groundbreaking provider of Performing Arts training in Cheltenham, and VLUK Education. Director Jenny Cameron has been teaching for over 20 years. She graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA (Hons) in English & Theatre Studies, and completed her PGCE at the same university in 1997. Jenny was recently featured in The Stage, read the article HERE.


Highlights of Jenny’s teaching career so far include directing 120 Warwickshire students in a production at the Millennium Dome and working with the Almeida Theatre in London – undertaking projects which allowed students to write a script under the mentorship of award winning playwright David Eldridge and to learn from actors such as Jonny Lee Miller and Eddie Redmayne.  Jenny has always been committed to providing the best possible opportunities for her students, working closely with the professional theatres, and building partnerships, through them, with other organisations. This has allowed students to appear in professional productions, including Anita & Me, A Tale of Two Cities, An Inspector Calls and A View From The Bridge, as well as to undertake extensive work experience in the theatre. Jenny was appointed Specialist Leader in Education for Drama in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Times Educational Supplement Drama Teacher of the Year Award.


Students choosing to study full time Performing Arts in ASA Theatre Arts’ 6th Form programme will not only work towards a Level 3 BTEC in Performing Arts, which is equivalent to 3 full A levels, and is accepted, and respected, by universities and drama schools across the UK as entry to higher education, but will have unprecedented access to the world of the Performing Arts industry.



Attendance - 97%

Students at or above target grade - 100%

Retention rate - 100%

Average expected grade - D*D*D. (Distinction Star, Distinction Star, Distinction)

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The encouragement and positivity at ASA has been second to none. Due to this training, I have been able to gain a place at The Urdang Academy. Without the continuous support, and knowledge of the industry, this wouldn't have been possible. The shows and workshops with leading dancers in the West End are so enjoyable. Alana will always be such an inspiring part of my career, and her support will always be there.

— E.F


My daughter Holly has immensely enjoyed every single aspect of the whole experience of being taught at ASA Theatre Arts. The drive, culture and people have defined Holly to pursue a future career in the theatre arts. The passion is evident in all the different facets of the art, inclusive of drama, singing and dance.

— K.S